I’ve been planning 2013, and one thing that keeps coming up is you. 
Among other things, I’m working on a new album. A double album. “GHOST HUNTER”. I have high hopes for it.
I’d like to involve those who are interested from the very beginning.
It’s a unique opportunity to create an album together. To gather ideas, strategize, conceptualize, to REALLY be a part of it. I want it to feel like it is ours. I want to bring this community (yes, we have one) closer together.
I have ideas on how I want it to sound, and I have certain things I want it to do. 
It’s going to take me a long time, it’s going to involve pushing myself and my abilities, 
musically, and visually - and it’s going to require a mixture of planning and reacting. 

Looking back on 2012, I see I’ve come a long way but I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve been learning. 
I spent most of the year pushing for and getting physical product. - Limited Edition CD’s, T-Shirts, stickers, etc (which doesn’t sound like much, but it was an epic journey for me), and now I’m about to repeat that process, but I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing - what we want.
So listen to the music again - if you had an opportunity to influence the recording in any way, or anything about WE HAVE A GHOST, what would it be? What’s holding me back?

Who should I be listening to, what books would you recommend, which artists should I check out? What kind of vocals would make a good fit?

Things like that. 

What kind of rewards do you want? Think outside of the box. Valuable experiences.Things that mean something. Things YOU can have a say in.

Should I go for CD’s and Vinyl again?

I’m pursuing this for both of us. I think you want me to succeed and I want to give you my best work. This conversation is just getting started… let me know what you think… 

I’ll begin work on it once I can get my hands on an Elektron Analog Four.